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Hired Gun Productions Inc - Web Series
Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a Bit of a Bitch

A few years ago I had the most traumatic experience of my life. I had nightmares about it, woke up screaming, it occupied my every waking moment...The unthinkable happened to me, I turned 50! This is a mockumentary that explores this subject through the eyes of a documentary filmmaker as he sits around the backyard with a number of 50 something people to discuss the subject.

Watch Episode 1 below and head on over to YouTube to view the entire Web Series.

Mae Moore & Lester Quitzau - In Their Own Backyard
A documentary that focuses on Singer/Songwriter Mae Moore and her husband blues guitarist Lester Quitzau. Shot entirely on location at their home on Pender Island, one of Canada’s Gulf Islands. This 48 minute documentary is now available for download for $1.49.


Mae Moore & Lester Quitzau - In Their Own Backyard Download: $1.49
*please note: upon payment you will receive an email with a link to download the film, don't forget to check your inbox! Thanks.

Hired Gun Productions Inc - Director Demo Reel


Commercial/Corporate Director Reel
Commercial/Corporate Director Demo.


For the Record
A documentary series that will focus on singer/songwriters as they record new albums. For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne is episode 1 and will be available on DVD in July.
For more information download the For the Record Onesheet.


click here to download high res version of 'For the Record'


Honest You Won’t Get Hooked
A dark comedy that explores the bad side of Cigarette smoking as if there is a good side?

Click here to download high res version of 'Honest You Won't Get Hooked'


Is The Lady Of The House In
A dark comedy about what happens when a pesky telemarketer finally meets his match?

Click here to download high res version of 'Is The Lady of the House In'


Rant Little Darlings

Click here to download high res version of 'Rant Little Darlings'