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Writer/Producer/Director - “Father Time is a Bastard and Mother Nature is a bit of a Bitch”- Web-series
Writer/Producer/Director - "Honest You Won’t Get Hooked” - Short (film festivals)
Director/Producer - “Breakout of the Masala Kid”- Short (film festivals)
Director/Producer - “The Kois”- Television Pilot, Youth Series
Writer/Producer/Director - "Is the Lady of the House In”
Writer/Producer/Director - Television Pilot "Little Darlins" Series: "Rant"
Writer/Producer/Director - "One Damn Thing after Another"- Short Film (film festivals)
Writer/Producer/Director - Bill Bourne's "Portland" - Short Film (Bravofact)
Writer/Producer/Director - "A Gun, a Cigar and a Bottle of Scotch”- Short Film (film festivals)
Producer/Director - “God’s Taxi”- Short film (film festivals)
Producer/Director - “Mary Loathes Tuna”- Short film (film festivals)

Writer/Producer/Director - Documentary “For the Record-Featuring Bill Bourne ”Feature length - (Online distribution)
Writer/Co-Producer/Director - Documentary "William Deverell-Kill All the Lawyers" (Bravo, CLT, Book)
Writer/Co-Producer/Director - Documentary "Mae Moore & Lester Quitzau-In Their Own Backyard" (Bravo)
Writer/Co-Producer/Director - Documentary “Cowboy Poets-Minstrels of the West” (Global Network, Book TV)
Director - Documentary Series “Shiver” For Alliance Atlantis (Life-Canada, Discover USA, National Geographic USA)

Director (12 Episodes) - Children’s Series “Be Alert Bert” (PBS, CLT)
Writer/Producer/Director - Docudrama “Teen Sex: “Challenge and Decision” (CTV, Video Distribution-France, Cuba)
Writer/Producer/Director - Pilot “Destination Alberta” (Alberta Government)
Writer/Producer/Director - Children’s Show Pilot “Learn to Draw Animals with Ben Wicks and Wisee the Owl”

Writer/Producer/Director - 1000s of commercials/Corporate video over 30 years

2012 - 1 AMPIA Nomination
2011 - 2 AMPIA Nominations
2010 - 4 AMPIA Nominations
2009 - 7 AMPIA Nominations - Winner Best Drama under 60 Minutes “Breakout of the Masala Kid”
2008 - 4 AMPIA Nominations - Winner Best Drama under 60 minutes “Is the Lady of the House In”
2007 - 7 AMPIA Nominations - Winner Best Drama/Comedy under 60 minutes "Rant-Little Darlins"
2006 - 7 AMPIA Nominations - Winner Best Communications/Training Video "Mona talks about Shelter in Place". (Animation)
2005 - 5 AMPIA Nominations - Winner Best Drama under 60 minutes "A Gun, A Cigar and a Bottle of Scotch".